We’ve all been there. Searching high and low for inspiration for something, a new room at home, a pair of shoes, an outfit – you spend hours online finding images and collecting them. I love a bit of Pinterest, when I say a bit, I mean, a lot. Hours fly by, I’d started with how to create a photo gallery wall and the next thing I know, I’m looking at my next hairstyle.

These images are things I aspire to and why not – aim high I say. However, I do need to be a realistic. My new hairstyle can’t be a long glossy brunette – because; A. I’m never going to grow my hair and B. I’m not tinting it back to brunette after growing it all out, not after I’ve blended all my grey with the blonde I now have! (I’m still confused and surprised when someone says “the lady with the short blonde hair” and I think…who? Oh yes, that’s me).

I take inspiration from the images I like and pinpoint what I like about them and this is the important part

Which bits I like

You may think you like the whole photo, but when you really look at it and start visualising all those parts, you often find that you don’t like certain elements and you disregard them and concentrate on the bits you do like.

Makeup is no different and I always ask my brides to have a look for images of makeup they like for us to discuss at their trial.  A hairdresser once told me how they go through photos of inspiration they are given by clients – they put their thumb over the face of the photo and then ask the client again, “do you still like this hair?” A brilliant way for someone to think twice about a certain hairstyle. Is it the hair you like or the overall image? I, however, don’t have this luxury!

What do you like about the photo?

Is it the eye makeup, the lip colour, the blush, the foundation coverage – you see it gets a bit more involved! For me it’s not just a simple –“ I like this makeup” – I need to know exactly what it is you like about the image. I can recreate a makeup from a photo, if that’s what you want, BUT it may just be one element you like, not the whole look. It could be that you think the makeup is natural, but I’ll see that it’s heavily edited, and in no way a true natural finish.

(These photos show the comparison of my iPhone shots 1&2 and then the professional ones, 3&4 from Nicky Hill Photography. This is a real wedding with some editing and great lighting!)

When I’m shown photos I dissect them with you – the shades and tones for eyes and lips are discussed, foundation coverage – light, medium or heavy – matte or dewy, and together we create your perfect look

All photos you find taken by a professional photographer have been edited in some way, even if its just a smidge. One of those light reflectors may have been used to create that glow on the face – so it all may not be as it seems. There’s always some jiggery pokery going on with photos – ask any photographer, the main bulk of their work is the edit of the photos!

(These photos are from a styled wedding photoshoot, images 1&2 are my iPhone shots and 3&4 are the professional edits from Freckle Photography)

It could be the makeup looks more in the flesh and less in the photos, or a really natural finish in the photo can be deceiving and in reality a very heavy coverage of foundation has been applied to the skin. The lighting is different, the edit is different – a professional photo is just that – professional.

What you see in the mirror is not necessarily reflected in the finished photo

(These photos were taken from a fashion photoshoot – 1&2 are my iPhone shots and 3&4 are the professionally edited versions from Emy Lou Photography. You can really see the difference in them, these have had a high degree of editing)

When you’re discussing your makeup do take into consideration how different it can look in the mirror – the real life version in comparison to what you see in a professional photo. It’s not all about the photos on your big day, your makeup needs to feel comfortable for you when you’re enjoying your day. It’s not a photoshoot, it’s your wedding day! If you feel good and love how you look, it will naturally reflect in your photos.

We’ll work together so that your makeup will be a perfect fit for you – its teamwork.

Trust how you want to look and feel, and always be true to your own style

Book in for your bridal trial with me and we’ll go through all your likes and dislikes – bring your photos (or not!) and I’ll create a look you’ll love.

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Top photo courtesy of John Barwood Photography.