One of the many things I find fascinating about my job as a makeup artist is that you can have the same makeup, model, brief and other creative team members, but each makeup artist brings their own special magic to the team.

My husband is a chef and when he cooks with ingredients he creates the most sumptuous meals. Give another chef the same ingredients and recipe and no matter what, they can’t create the exact same dish. And this is no bad thing. Because when you create something you put a little bit of yourself into it, you can’t copy what someone else has created, no matter how hard you try.

I learnt that each makeup artist has their “own hand” and you can spot their work. I love this, the mark of a true artist. Someone who knows who they are, what they love and showing their true personality.

Of course I take inspiration from other creatives, but I think it’s important for me to be who I am to and to have my own voice (or hand!).

When things come from the heart, people can spot it. I know I can.

Image from Linus Moran.