I’m not interested in using the most popular highlighter, those ones that are “totally on trend” and the ones that everyone’s using. I’ve never been one to follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing.

In my twenties my best friend was uber cool and super trendy and I could always borrow her clothes and one day I tried on her pink and white gingham mini dress (it was the 90’s!). On her, a leggy blonde, it looked incredible, on me, it just looked cheap. I realised that I was much more of a classic girl, blending current trends with classic, understated glamour. This sums up my makeup style too.

I’m interested in creating makeup that fits with your personal style,

that has a natural elegance and timeless feel to it

One that doesn’t scream “that was definitely 2018”. What is it with highlighter on the end of the nose at the moment? I honestly, just do not understand that look – is it just me?!

When I trained as a makeup artist, I learnt many different skills and all kinds of different looks – but this doesn’t mean that all those skills should be used in one makeup look!

You don’t see a chef using all their skills in one dish or using all the ingredients they have to create a meal – the essence of the dish is lost if they do. It’s all about balance and blending – its exactly the same with makeup and I don’t want you lose yourself under the makeup. There’s not one look that I just replicate for each client, because that would just be bonkers wouldn’t it?! 

I undoubtedly have a style – but its not just one look.

It’s the gentle touch, a little here, a little there, enhancing your natural beauty

Some clients may not want a winged liner, a red lip or lashings of mascara (or over the top highlighter, sorry I’m going on a bit about highlighter aren’t I, can you tell its irritating me!). Each makeup is different and I create your makeup, just for you. Carefully choosing each product, perfectly suited to you. No makeup look is the same. It’s as individual as you are.

Understanding what you want from your makeup is key for me along with – What do you look like daily? How do you look on a special occasion? How do you envisage you will look?  What will you be wearing? How will your hair be styled? So many questions! But each of these details and more I take into consideration – so that it all fits seamlessly together.

If you throw every single item of makeup at your face, it won’t look effortless, it will just look ridiculous, too “done” and too contrived.

I’m definitely on the ‘Less is More’ team

You don’t need to use everything to create something. Use some of the things to create the everything you want.


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