Its here! The Super Charge Facial is my results driven treatment using electrical technologies, designed around your skin concerns aimed at giving you the best results for your skin.

I’ve thought long and hard about this facial and wanted to launch it only when I was truly ready. I wanted it to feel completely right and to slot seemlessly into my established services.

I’ve felt a shift in my work over the past months. Some of you know me as a makeup artist, others as their massage therapist and then some of you will know me as a skincare specialist, who loves to help with tricky skin issues and a passion for skincare. I’m very conscious of not wanting to be just one thing, or to offer just one service. But also not to spread myself so thinly that I’m not mastering my skills. I’m a gemini and its an inherent part of me that I like to keep learning and diversifying. I don’t like to sit still, get comfortable for too long and just let things be as they always were.

Things evolve and I’ve really felt that this year.

So, time for me to grow and develop a service in line with what I already offer.

Alongside my beloved holistic Neals Yard Remedies facials, I’ve been yearning to offer just a little bit more to you in terms of skincare and gaining great skin. Over the years, I’ve had to manage my sensitive, acne prone skin and borne out of this was my love of skincare and a thirst for knowledge on all things skin.

I think any passion comes from a personal experience, and this could not be more true than when it comes to me and my skin. Maybe I’ve always had a need to help others, to find solutions and to delve into learning and gaining knowledge.

Its a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together.

I’ve designed The Super Charge Facial using electrical technologies that work on the deeper levels of the skin to bring you enhanced results.

It incorporates the following technologies:

Microcurrent – this is your natural facelift. An anti-ageing solution that brings instant results with no down time. Using a low level electrical current that lifts and tones the facial muscles. This is a tried and tested treatment that many therapists offer under the guise of a branded machine such as CACI. I recommend a course of 6 or 12 facials.

High Frequency – brilliant at managing acne. Its an oldie but a goodie and I don’t know why more therapists don’t use it. Using a safe low level electrical current it creates an oxygenating and anti-bacterial effect on the skin, I’ve had glowing results on my skin and highly recommend it. If you’re suffering from acne or have that constant feel of your acne bubbling away under the surface and you’d like to keep it in check, this is perfect for you.

Galvanic – this comes two fold. I use it at the beginning of each Super Charge facial for a super deep cleanse, loosening the sebum and giving your pores a thorough cleanse. I use it again at the end of each facial to enable full absorption of the products, either for nourishment or balance depending on your skin type. Theres only so much a manual cleanse can do and this technology is fantastic for bringing that beautiful glow to your skin.

Lymphatic Drainage – a mini vacuum cleaner for your skin, it really is! Its a suction tool that gently lifts the skin. This treatment stimulates the lymphatic system to bring fresh nutrients to the skin. Perfect if your skin is sluggish and lazy (like mine!) and needs a boost. Fabulous for detoxifying the skin, making it look brighter and fresher.

If its results you’re looking for, The Super Charge Facial is just what you need.

I’ll design this facial around you and your skin concerns, alongside a skincare routine perfect for your lifestyle, with products suited to your skin type to give you the ultimate results for naturally glowing and rejuvenated skin.

I’m offering a special price on facials until 31st July 2019:

The Super Charge Facial

1 Facial – £45.00 (normally £55.00)

Course of 3 – £125.00 (normally £150.00)

Course of 6 – £235.00 (normally £275.00)

If you aren’t able to enjoy one of my Super Charge Facials due to pregnancy, a heart condition or epilepsy (further contraindications do apply, please contact me to check), I’m also offering The Blissful Facial for 1 hour using Neals Yard Remedies for £30.00 (normally £40.00) until the end of July 2019 too.

Book your facial with me to improve your skins health and to enjoy some quite relaxation and rejuvenation.