You’re looking for a makeup artist and you’ve found me online, great! Ah, but how do you know that who I say I am online is the same person in real life? It’s a tricky one isn’t it? I had a client that went all out researching me, all my social media was delved into and anything she could find she looked at it! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and why not, if its there to find, have a good old nose! It worked, she booked me because of the honesty in my work I put online.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I try to be authentic as possible. The photos I post of my work, are just that, my work and I love a “no-filter” photo! So when Melanie Mackie of Scarletta Media asked to interview me to talk about how I do things online, I jumped at the chance.

What Melanie doesn’t know about petite businesses isn’t worth knowing. I’ve worked closely with her for a number of years now and when you see and read her work you recognise it immediately. She’s genuine, honest and knowledgable and I trust her implicitly.

I hope that the real-life me comes across on my website and on social media. The words I use online are the ones I use in day to day life and I like to match up my website with the real me. So that when you meet me, it all just makes sense and you know what you read is what you get.

Take a look at Melanie and me having a chat about how and why I do things on social media, my love of Instagram and my favourite skincare expert – Liz Earle. This gives you a really good insight into the kind of person and makeup artist I am. I share what I love and what don’t!


‘Don’t be like the rest of them darling’ – be wholeheartedly you and who wants to be vanilla anyway, I’m much more of a raspberry ripple kind of girl.

Finding the right makeup artist is such a personal thing, it has to feel right. If you like my work and I’m what you’re looking for – whether its for bridal makeup, a commercial project or makeup tutorial, do get in touch.

Photography by Linus Moran Photography.