To complement my makeup services, I’m delighted to offer my two favourite spa treatments to you from my Little Room of Calm located in the beautiful market town of Holsworthy in Devon.

As a qualified and highly experienced spa therapist with over 20 years working within skincare and 10 years as a massage therapist, I bring a wealth of knowledge from working in spas and with products such as Elemis, Ren and Caudalie.

Helping others manage their skin issues and work towards their best skin ever brings me so much joy. Allow me to help you with your skin and to give you some much needed relaxation and rejuvenation with my massage treatments.

For my treatments I use products from Neals Yard Remedies Organic Skincare, an iconic award winning British brand, their ingredients are organic, natural and wild. All free from parabens, synthetic fragrances and sulphates. Its a Dorset based, family owned, Fairtrade business that does not test on animals, is carbon neutral and is Soil Association certified.

These products are all tried and tested by me, and ones that I absolutely love and trust. I’ll choose products specific to your skin type that will give you the best results.

You’ll be able to purchase your recommended NYR Organic Skincare from me to continue your skincare regime at home.


My facials are a great way to get your skin looking its absolute best for your wedding or special occasion. Book a course of regular treatments with me to ensure glowing skin.

*Special Offer! 25% off all 1 hour Neals Yard Facial and Massage Treatments during November 2019.

The  Vitality Facial – £25.00 – 30 minutes

This revitalising facial is ideal if you’re short on time and are looking to regain some glow. A great way to introduce you to NYR Organic Skincare and for you to maintain your skins health. Includes double cleansing, exfoliation, mask, serum and moisturisation together with a relaxing scalp massage. A lovely treatment that you can fit in before a night out and to prep your skin before a special occasion to give you natural radiant skin.

The Blissful Facial – £40.00 – 1 hour

This decadent and truly luxurious facial will leave your skin naturally radiant, renewed and refreshed. Includes double cleansing, exfoliation, masks, serum and moisturisation. You’ll enjoy my signature face, neck, shoulder and scalp massage along with a tension busting hand and arm massage. You’ll feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated and as though you’re walking on air.

The Super Charge Facial – Prices below – 1 hour 15 minutes (courses of 3, 6 and 12 facials available)

If your skin needs more than just great skincare, this facial is just what you’re looking for. Using non-invasive electrical technologies to increase and heighten results, this facial will truly improve your skins health and will help you to maintain a bright, youthful, clear healthy complexion.

Depending on your concerns, I’ll choose from a range of advanced skincare technologies that work on the deeper levels of your skin, for your personalised facial that help transform your skin.

Anti-Ageing (Microcurrent) Your “non surgical facelift”, lifts and tones your facial muscles and increases collagen production, perfect if you’re looking for a more youthful look

Acne Management (High Frequency) Provides an anti-bacterial and oxygenating effect on the skin to help relieve and manage acne

Deep Cleanse & Nourish (Galvanic) A super boost for a healthy glow, great for any skin type, from oily/acne prone skin types right through to dry and dehydrated skin, good for eczema relief

Detox (Lymphatic Drainage) Fantastic for sluggish, dull, lacklustre skin bringing you fresher, brighter skin

After a full skin consultation to ascertain your skin type, skincare routines and lifestyle, I’ll design your very own Super Charge Facial to give you the ultimate results for naturally glowing and rejuvenated skin.

*Launch prices below – available to purchase until 31st December 2019. All facials must be taken by end of February 2020.

£45.00 – 1 facial 
£125.00 – Course of 3
£235.00 – Course of 6 

Normal prices will be effective from 1st January 2020.

£55.00 – 1 facial
£150.00 – Course of 3
£275.00 – Course of 6
£505.00 – Course of 12

Please note The Super Charge Facial is not suitable if you are pregnant, have a history of heart disease or disorder, have a pacemaker, metal implants or epilepsy. A full consultation will be required to assess your suitability.


£25.00 – 30 minutes

£40.00 – 1 hour

Using Swedish, lymphatic drainage and deep tissue massage techniques with NYR Organic Skincare pre-blended aromatherapy oils. Tailored to your needs, my massage aids with relaxation, reduces stress levels and eases away muscle tension, leaving you feeling calm and rested.


£40.00 – 30 minute facial & 30 minute massage

If you crave some relaxation but are short on time, this treatment is perfect for you. A lovely, cosy, warm and guilt free treatment that includes a 30 minute facial and a 30 minute massage. You’ll gain some much needed quiet time all cleverly condensed into a wonderfully relaxed hour all to yourself.

Contact me to book your 30 minute or 1 hour vacation in my Little Room of Calm, where you can switch off from the world for a short while.